What drivers do I need after building a pc.

I'm using an AMD 8320 and R9 280x. With an MSI motherboard. So list for me the drivers. I'm new to this. Thanks!
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  1. all the motherboard driver then the cpu and gpu also if you use a ssd or hdd you need them .
  2. When you build the PC, you had driver disks that came with each piece of hardware that needs it .... take them all out.

    1. Let's start with MoBo drivers. Put the DVD / CD in optical drive. It will usually pop up a list of what's on there.

    2. Look at the 1st one. Open up your MoBo Manual to the software installation section and find that item. Read what it does. Write down the version number in your manual. If it's applicable, install it.

    3. Repeat step 2, for each item on the DVD / CD.

    4. After drivers, go to utilities, rinse and repeat

    5. If it's a higher priced MoBo, then it probably has some programs or utilities bundled which may have a license key on the disk or on the sleeve.

    6. Run windows update over and over again until it says "I got nuthin". Set WU to "notify only", suggest you wait 2 days or so before installing new updates.....if there's something quirky, news will break.

    7. Now having written down all the items you installed, go to your MoBo manufacturer's web site and check if the ones you installed were latest versions. Now if ya asking why I had ya do some of those twice, see underlined portion of step 5.

    8. Yes, you can skip some.... if you have both LAN and WoFi drivers, use only the one that you are gonna use.

    9. Rinse and repeat for all the other disks that came with your hardware. Optical may have some kind of movie player (check sleeve for license).
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    ^^What Jack says is what you SHOULD DO.

    I'm lazy and impatient so I only install what I really need.

    1) Windows, I turn OFF windows update
    2) I skip the chipset drivers (windows generally already has these)
    3) I install the LAN driver (from driver disk) only if it's not working already by default.
    4) I install Audio driver from my motherboard's website. Even though windows already has it working I like the manufacturer's control panel.
    5) I install the graphics driver from the NVIDIA/AMD website.
    6) then I install my programs/utilities/games
  4. I'm inclined to do the same .... but it's bitten me in the ass a few times.
  5. heh I would have gave Jack the Best Answer. My answer was more like bonus 2 cents :D
  6. But yours was a lot funnier.... extra points for making smiles !
  7. JackNaylorPE said:
    But yours was a lot funnier.... extra points for making smiles !

    Thank you to m8. No hard feelings. Thanks!
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