GTX 760 EVGA or Gigabyte?

For my PC build I am trying to decide between the two brands EVGA or Gigabyte for the GTX 760. The two cards I had in mind are listed below:


Now between the two brands, which card is the better choice and why? I realize the Gigabyte card has better cooling compared to the EVGA one but are the Gigabyte GPUs of the same quality as the EVGA ones? Will the Gigabyte card last as long as the EVGA card? Generally what is the better brand choice here considering speed, cooling, components, quality, and customer service?
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  1. They're both the same cards just using each company's take on custom cooling.
    The EVGA one is better. It's $10 dollars less and both come with Watchdogs.

    It's a win win for you!

    Also EVGA has a great warranty and so does Gigabyte.

    Go with whatever's cheaper!
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    Gigabyte card is factory overclocked and so is EVGA card but difference is 13 MHz in base clock speeds in both cards. Gigabyte wins by 13 MHz margin. But I would bank on EVGA card because EVGA cards have much better build quality, good cooling and most of all their customer support services are very good.

    My recommendation is EVGA.
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