can any one suggest me a good entry level graphic card...need help

budget upto 100-115$
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  1. lowest i can recommend is gtx 750 TI it costs around $120-130
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    GeForce GTX 750 Ti

    On Amazon
    Fastest Card Without A Power Input

    While the Radeon R7 260X offers similar performance for considerably less money, gamers who want to upgrade an entry-level PC with a low-output power supply may consider the GeForce GTX 750 Ti, which is rated at 60 W (a little more than half of the 260X's 115 W). Nvidia suggests you use at least a 300 W power supply with this card. That's a very low bar to set for owners of low-end machines. You don't even need a six-pin auxiliary connector. The GTX 750 Ti doesn't earn a full recommendation for value, but it just may be the best option for gamers upgrading old or small form factor systems.
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    GPU : GM107 (Maxwell)
    Process : 28 nm
    Shader Units : 600
    Texture Units : 40
    ROPs : 16
    Core Clock : 1020/1085
    Memory Clock : 1350 MHz GDDR5
    Memory Bus : 128-bit
    Memory Bandwidth : 86.4 GB/s
    Memory Capacity : 1 or 2 GB
    DirectX, Shader, OpenGL : 11/5.0/4.3
    Max. TDP : 60 W
    Aux. Power Connector(s) : N/A
    Min. Power Supply : 300 W

    Radeon R7 260X

    On Amazon
    Mainstream Performance Leader

    With Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 750 Ti selling for $30 more, the Radeon R7 260X grabs our top recommendation in the space under $150. This card is equivalent to an overclocked Radeon HD 7790 with AMD's TrueAudio feature enabled, and it's quite capable of playing most games at 1080p using medium-quality detail settings.
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    GPU : Bonnaire (GCN)
    Process : 28 nm
    Shader Units : 896
    Texture Units : 56
    ROPs : 16
    Core Clock : 1000 MHz
    Memory Clock : 1500 MHz GDDR5
    Memory Bus : 128-bit
    Memory Bandwidth : 96.0 GB/s
    Memory Capacity : 1 GB
    DirectX, Shader, OpenGL : 11/5.0/4.2
    Max. TDP : 85
    Aux. Power Connector(s) : 1x6-pin
    Min. Power Supply : 500 Watt
  3. which one is better as performance vs price
  4. Bappy Sachin said:
    which one is better as performance vs price

    That is opinion based question and also depends on your current power supply
    yes 750Ti costs more but also it consumes 2x less energy so your power bill is less.
    260x initially costs less at about same performance level but consumes more power and needs 6pin pci-e connector from power supply.
  5. yes 750 ti is better than 260x because it consumes less energy but performance is almost same for bot of them
  6. thanks ya GUYS
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