how to add and Extra Hard Drive (hybrid ssd+hdd) to my laptop Asus g75vw and re-install win7 in the new hard drive and have th

Hi So I want to format my pc and re-instal windows 7 in my laptop Asus g75vw but also need to add my new hardd drive,I have a Seagate MOMENTUS XT super Speer SSD+HDD 750GB. the think is im a little confused and how to do it , because i have read online ppl are saying need to make sure that the win7 boot loader is installed in the new HD so make sure to have only the new hard drive conected while installing to make sure of , but I'm using the asus restoration tool that comes with it and I'm guessing i have to have both Hard drives conected. or should i just connect new HD and run the installation and at some point windows will ask me where to install it? ,so yeah im confused. so if someone could tell what steps I have to do , I will really appreciate it. thank you very much in just to clarify: do I plug my new hard drive hybrid to my G75VW , which slot do I put it in? put it in place of the old one and the old one in the second slot? or it doesnt matter?

2.after installing the HD, how do I go about formating,re-installing windows 7 in the new drive and have the 2nd for data,programs(so i can take advantage od the sdd capabilities of the new one)

NOTE: Already have all my important file backed up in a external drive, so dont mind formating everything
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    first install your ssd into your laptop.keep the other drive unplugged for this one.then start your computer and go to the boot menu and select boot from dvd.then insert your win7 install disk and when prompted select custom install.after windows installs and updates you can install your other hdd and format just that easy.
  2. Why don't you just clone both the drives...... then swap them and format the old one?
  3. How does one install more than one (internal SATA) hard drive to a laptop? I opened up my Samsung R580 and pulled out the failing 500 GB HD and popped in a new 256 GB SSD. Of course there was nothing on my SSD. I had backed up my old HD to a WD external HD, but I have no drivers to load that data (and programs) onto the new laptop SSD. Contacting Western Digital (WD) they said it could not be done on a laptop. Contacting Samsung, they sent me a Windows 7 disk (to use with my product key) but it would be basically a clean install. How do I get all of the programs that I've purchased over the last four years onto the new SSD if I no longer have all the product keys, just the backup? I purchased a iDsonix disk replicator (IDD-U3201) to duplicate the old failing HD onto the new SSD but the product literature says the new drive (256 GB SSD) must be larger than the old HD (500GB 5400 RPM HD) so I haven't attempted it. Emails to iDsonix support did not get a response. This seems like it would be a common problem. What do I do?
  4. programs will have to be reinstalled.other files ie pictures etc can be transferred.
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