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So i don't know whether to get a GTX 760 or a GTX 770 Superclocked. I know the obvious choice is to go with the 770 superclocked but im on a $1500 budget and i don't know if it worth the extra $130. What's your opinion and what would you do if you were me?
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  1. I debated between those two and ended up getting the 770 and I'm very happy I did. Although I did get a very good deal
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    The difference between a 760 and 770 will be about 15-20 fps (maybe even more in some games), so its for you to decide if you're willing to drop another extra $130, the 770 will last you longer in terms of for how long it'll give you reasonable fps at high settings. Also, if you're getting to EVGA superclocked cards, be sure to get the ones with the ACX coolers
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