help me to choose a better graphics card for my pc

i want to play 'mafia 2' , 'hitman absolution' games on my pc.. i want to know which graphics card is better for my pc for smooth playing these games...

my pc specs:-
ASUS M4N68 Motherboard,
4GB DDR3 Ram,
Cooler Master GX 450w Bronze SMPS......

pls reply me friendsssssss...
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    You won't get too far with only 4gb ram. Using 32 bit Windows?

    That cpu will also hamper you from getting a real good gpu. You need a better power supply anyway, so get one with the new graphics card.

    Try a R9 270x. Get a new 500W psu eg Seasonic 520, Antec HCG 520M or XFX 550.
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