how can i check my cpu ghz after overclocked

my processor is intel core 2 duo e4300 1.8 Ghz
and i successfully raised the CPU host frequency from 200 to 245 (suppose 245Mhz X 9 = 2205Mhz = 2.2 Ghz)
and the software CPU-Z shows me that i have changed the clock base
but when i right click on my computer and then properties it still remains 1.8 Ghz .
Have i really overclocked?
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  1. In your motherboard UEFI software. Oh sorry! you probably don't have one. Try HWInfo then
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    When you click on the properties, that just shows u the default clock, its not actually ur current coreclock speed.

    CPU-Z shows u the actually current speed of the CPU. So dont worry about the computer properties one
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