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General Hotswap Question

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June 10, 2014 8:54:03 AM

I'm getting a new case with a hot swap slot. I would like to take advantage of this new feature, but is there anything I should know before just sticking a HDD in the slot?

I understand that the concept behind hotswap bays is the ability to essentially plug in a full HDD
to a slot on the PC while it's on, and be able to remove it without any sort of restart. Making the HDD effectively a super-powered over-sized flash drive with very fast data transfer speeds.

I've read a few forum posts relating to hotswapping, and my concern is that I'll have to tinker with my MoBo's bios to make the hotswap functionality work flawlessly. (ASrock Extreme3 Gen3)

What exactly do I need to know about hotswapping?

Feel free to be as verbose in the answer as you would like. I like knowing more then I need to about anything tech related.

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June 10, 2014 9:27:14 AM

"Making the HDD effectively a super-powered over-sized flash drive with very fast data transfer speeds."

It's a HDD - it will have HDD speed.

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June 10, 2014 9:59:18 AM

Hdds are typically slower than usb 3.0 flash drives. There is no tinkering. Sata is by default hotswappable and has been around for almost a decade. But instead of hotswapping, if you are going to move it around, just get an external hdd.
June 10, 2014 2:32:17 PM

I have a USB 3.0 (128GB) flash drive, and I would say the transfer speeds of my current HDDs are about equal to it, but they're 1TB each.

In all honesty, as lame as it probably sounds, I just want to slide the HDD in and out of the top of my new case. It just seems fun to do. It would also be nice to put a decent 4-6TB drive in the slot for storing a gigantic media archive which I can change between mine and my wife's PC.

Your answer was very helpful @k1114. I'm very happy to know that it'll work without bios tinkering. Thank you.