How work AMD SILVER REWARD (free game)

I bought a Radeon R9 270X and I received a code in mail from webshop, to get 2 free games. I entered the code on the AMD's site but I was asked for proof of purchase!


after I get this:

And received a automatic mail from amd:
"Your ticket has been logged and someone will get back to you shortly. Here is a summary of your ticket"

I'm still waiting for a reply...

How work these amd reward codes? How can I get the game? because on the I dont see where I can choose the game...
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    Hello, sorry to hear about your problem. This is a real strange case that you are having. As fate would have it my graphics card burnt out so I too just bought a R9 270x and got the 2 free game code as well. I bought mine from Newegg so if you bought from somewhere else maybe it is an issue on their side. Newegg emailed me my code, I went to AMD's site created an account used my code and picked my 2 games. Never did they ask me for proof of purchase. To be honest with you I went to

    to enter my code...all the games are on the page. I am not familiar with the link you posted since the site I posted is their promo page. Let me know how things work out for you.
  2. thank you your answer.

    yesterday I get mail from amd and the code was accepteed.
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