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I have a Sapphire 7970 gfx card and I am trying to get three screens to work. I bought two of these Active dvi to hdmi converters but if I try to extend past two screens I still get the error saying the display settings could not be changed. Any ideas? Windows 8,1.
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  1. One has to be an active Displayport adapter. So displayport to HDMI or displayport to DVI or mini displayport to HDMI/DVI adapter.
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    well your probelm is that you need to drive at least 1 display off of a displayport
  3. Thanks I did not realise that :D I found an active displayport to dvi converter, attached one of my dvi to hdmi converters to it as my monitors only have hdmi and then it all worked. Thank you very much.
  4. where are you that you have a active displayport to dvi convert lying around? or did it come with the graphics card. also you should mark this threat as solved now
  5. I used it on my old pc that my gf uses now. She no longer needs it so I just connected it up and all is working now. Thanks for the help.
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