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I am going to buy some games for my new gaming pc.could u just suggest me a no. Of games which r supposed to be played by a gamer, I know gameplay is the most important thing in a game but suggest me some games having good graphics and gameplay.
I've played:
Ac3,bf4,crysis 3,ac4,splinter cell blacklist,and most of the newly launched games( can't write having a long list).
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  1. I have to throw Civilization V in there, one of my favorites that I always go back to
  2. Well, Halo:CE & Halo 2 are somewhat more "old school", but still have a number of devoted followers. They just released a new patch for Halo:CE, & the main clan servers (POQ & ASH) are still running just fine.

    Haven't tried Diablo III yet, but I still have Diablo II lying around.

    And if you're a big fan of RTS games, I would definitely recommend Starcraft II.
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    If it is a pc go for skyrim just to mod it. Other RPGs could be witcher, dragon age, Deus Ex Human Rev., Farcry 3, and I guess watch dogs. Oh yea just do you know gta 5 will make its way to pc as of e3 news.
    Games that will be coming out this and next year that have potential include: AC Unity, Dragon Age Inquisition, Mirrors Edge 2, The Division, Witcher 3, and Farcry 4.
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