Good mouse and mat for gaming

I am trying to find a good mouse and mouse mat for gaming.

-I have relatively small hands and prefer a claw grip.

-I would also like a large mouse mat.

-I am a medium sensitivity gamer and would like the mat to be soft.

-Also, a black/blue color scheme is recommended. Thanks for any help.
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    I would recommend this

    Steel series qck gaming mouse pad

    It's black, pretty soft, and the dimensions are 12.6" by 10.6".
  2. Hey, I have a Steelseries 4HD (it's the hard version) and they are a nice size/quality. Mine was $20 though so not sure on the differences besides that.

    If you are just going for a soft version I would not go above $12-15 as they really are the same for the most part

    This one looks pretty well liked and is 11" x 17"x 0.1"
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