Western Digital Green vs Blue?

I've been searching the web and forums for the last few hours and couldn't find any definitive answers on this issue.

I am looking for a secondary hard drive that will be used for storing data(of course). I also want to start with some video editing and possibly install some games(Diablo 3, Starcraft) on it. I have an SSD for windows and intense games like BF4.

I've been looking back and forth at Seagates and Western Digital. I've been using WD for quite some time and am pretty happy with each HD I have purchased with them.

I can't decide whether or not the $60 price different between Green and Black versions of the WD hard drives. I read that the Green is "intellispeed" which is between 5400-6400RPM. Is this enough for accessing large video files? I currently have an old WD 500GB 5400RPM and don't really like the performance of it.

What do you guys recommend?
2TB Green - $85

2TB Black - $145


Or any other recommendations?
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  1. A WD Black Drive will be much better in the long one I think. I have a WD Blue in my PC and my friend has a WD Green, and while he says his works fine for him now, we have only had our PC's for ~6 months, and he is not a huge performance stickler. The Black drive is a better bet.
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    WD Caviar Black and Blue have the same speed (7200rpm with a SATA III 6Gb/s interface). The main difference will be the warranty (5 years for the black and 2 years for the blue) and the cache. This is why I'd recommend the WD Caviar Blue
  3. Either the blue or the black will be faster. Only you can judge whether that's better.
  4. Well, if I buy TWO 1TB Blue's they are only $20 less than one 2TB black....
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