Can I put a 4 GB RAM stick in dual-channel with a 8 GB RAM stick?

Right now I have a 4GB RAM stick DDR3 1600MHZ Crucial ( full product name: 4GB DDR3 1600 MT/S PC3-12800 CL11 Udimm 240-Pin Single Ranked ). I'm planning to get 8 more GB RAM though I'm not sure if I should get 2 x 4 GB RAM sticks ( same model as the one that I have) or a single 8 GB RAM stick ( same model but with different part number ( I don't know if part number matters ) ).

What should I get? My mobo is a GA-970A-D3 that supports 32 GB RAM. I'm guessing that I should get the 8 GB stick, in case I'll plan to make future upgrades but I'm asking for what should I get for now, for the upcoming games like Assassin's Creed Unity or GTA 5 etc.
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    It is always recommended to have the same model/size/speed ram installed, this is to avoid some system stability issues that aften arise when mixing ram. If you do get the 8 GB stick i would recommend that you remove the other 4GB stick.

    Howver ther is nothing wrong with 16 GB (more than sufficient)in a gaming rig so filling you machine up with 4's wort hurt you performance
  2. yes, it'll probably work in single channel, or it might work the first 4+4 GB in dual and the remaining 4 in single. getting another 8 would be better.
    real world maybe 5% overall performance difference, memory is very fast anyway, there is bound to be a worse bottleneck somewhere else.
  3. Hi,
    Get an IDENTICAL module so you have 2x4GB (8GB) now.

    *There's no indication that more than 8GB will be needed for many years for gamers, but if you need to upgrade sooner then get another identical 2x4GB kit so you have 16GB total.

    Recommended memory (may change):

    1) Assasin's Creed Unity - 6GB
    2) GTA5 - 4GB
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