How do you re-install Internet explorer in Windows 8

My google chrome and internet explorer were hacked, add filled and glitchy. I re-installed google chrome and it fixed it on google chrome. However internet explorer is a default windows 8 piece of software. How would I re-install internet explorer?
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  1. for windows 7 or below go to windows update -installed updates see what ie you been updated to [windows 7 comes with default ie 9 I think] uninstall 11 see if it fixed it then unstall 10.. I don't think you can remove the native ie9 that came with the os...
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    Here's a link to download internet explorer:

    To uninstall: it go to 'turn windows features on or off' should be on the sidebar of the uninstall program list.
  3. sounds like its not your browser that was 'hacked' but rather a virus or spyware/adware. Install malware bytes and virus protection (AVG maybe), then let them scan your computer.
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