Transfering data from old harddrive to new in laptop.

My friend recently connected me wondering if I could transfer some files from his old laptop to his new one. The problem is that he wants me to copy the entire c:\ drive on his old windows computer to his new one. Im pretty sure that you can only copy pictures, music and documents from a hard drive to a new one. I am also pretty sure you cant copy programs from one to the other because of os differences. I would like some clarification to be sure about this and also are there any free hard drive transfer programs? I know Windows easy transfer does a pretty good job.
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    And of the better cloning tools can move the entire contents of one drive to another.
    CloneZilla, DriveimageXML, Macrium Reflect, etc...

    However - going from one PC to another will cause issues. The old install will be looking for the old hardware. It may not even boot on the new hardware.
    Additionally, the Windows license is almost certainly tied to the original laptop.

    Is this a new desktop or new laptop? If a new desktop, it really won't work. Hardware is far too different.
    If the new one is a laptop, it will come with its own OS. You can't overlay all the old stuff on top of a new OS. Doesn't work like that.
    Reinstall applications, and copy over the personal data.
  2. Ok yeah it is just a new laptop. One more question do I have to use a specific type of usb cable to transfer data or can it just be anyone?
  3. Get a USB cable or dock.

    I have one of these:

    And it works amazingly well for connecting old drives.

    Remove the drive from the old laptop, and connect via USB.
    You can't just connect the two laptops via a regular USB cable.
  4. Ok, thanks for the link.
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