Are these parts compatible with this Cpu? PLZ HELP

So today i just got the last of my computer parts in the mail and i was so overjoyed that i just put them in all in front of me and just loooked them over for a min. thats when i saw something at the top of the ram packaging. at the top of it there is a list of the cpus that the ram is compatible with (something i didnt even know you had to worry about with ram) and as i was reading through i didnt see my type of processor in there. i got extremly worried so i called AMD the manufacturer of my Cpu and asked them if the parts were compatible, i was transfered a total of 3 times and ended up with some lady who i could barely understand who ended up hanging up on me because she couldnt hear me. so i came here the parts im worried about are
Ram-DDR3 1600 G.skill ripjaws x series
Proccesor-Amd Athlon X4 740 x

Thanks for any help ahead of time and i really hope you guys can clear this up for me because im really worried right now cus i just spent all my money lol
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More about parts compatible cpu plz
  1. They are all compatible. The ram probably has a compatibility listing for one of the newer Intel chipsets. Newer Intel CPU's have to have lower voltage ram compare to previous generations or to AMD. You have nothing to worry about.
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    Yes, it will all work fine. You don't actually have to worry about your CPU and RAM being compatible, as long as it's compatible with your motherboard you're in the safe zone. You don't have anything to worry about, your build should be compatible. :)

    The only reason why your RAM may state compatible CPUs is that the RAM operates at a frequency of 1600MHz (2*800MHz), whereas a CPU could operate at a lower frequency. You don't have to worry however, as your chosen CPU supports up to DDR3-1866. Even if your CPU did not support 1600MHz, it would downclock your RAM to support it; for example 2300MHz RAM would be downclocked to 1866MHz to be compatible with your CPU and motherboard. Whichever way you look at it, it will work. :)

    All the best. :)
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