could this work as a monitor?

Hello I have a westinghouse 32″ LED HDTV UW32S3PW and I was wondering if it could be used as a monitor. Thanks for your input!
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  1. Sure why not?

    Looks like it has pc input. But only 768p screen. And i bet it'll have poor response time. TV's are really only OK for light gaming.
  3. I use my Emerson 32" and it isn't terrible. I don't hard core game but do play. The response time is alittle annoying at first. I watch a lot of my tv and movies on my rig so it works nice!
  4. So it does work as a monitor... but when I plug an hdmi into both ends and turn my pc on it says on the tv,"no signal". Anyone have a solution?
  5. Plug it into the pc port!
  6. There are only 2 hdmi ports and an Vga.
  7. I plugged my computer into the hdmi's and it still says "no signal"
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    Don't plug into the hdmi. Just vga
  9. What input on the television would I use? Av? PrPb? Tv?
    Looks like it has pc input
    Plug it into the pc port!

    That's what I said above
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