pc wont boot doesn't even go to bios

I tryed swapping motherboards and once I did pc booted for ten seconds no display and turns off and back on in a continuous loop the board was used with a different proccesor so I decieded to wipe the cmos tryed the button battery and the jumper and nothing so I put all the parts in my original board and this time it stays on but no display all fans spin and the speaker makes a single beep I thought it might have been the gpu so I plugged into the onboard graphics still nothing I checked and made sure all cords are plugged in and they are
System: i5 3450 4x4 of ram two hyperx and the other two are just random that just came with the original pc
New mobo is a msi z77a gd55
Old mobo no name but is compatible with 2nd and 3rd gen processors
Psu 700w antec
Gpu r9 270x 4gb saphire
If u guys nead any more parts to help just ask
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    Pl disconnect all components. Try to power on the system with only cpu, built in gpu and one ram module. Give it a try.
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  2. After doing that on both boards it seams to work and I've installed everything and it all works
  3. Great. Congrats. Glad I was able to assist.
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