Alrighty, good rig (i7 3770k, geForce GTX 770) and LOW FPS in games

This is a copy paste from reddit:

Hey, I built my comp a couple years ago and decided other day to rebuild it mostly. I decided to upgrade everything except the motherboard and power supply. This is what I purchased last week:

16 GB of Memory: (

GeForce GTX 770 GPU: (

Intel Core i7-3770k Processor: (

Western Digital HD 500GB Hard Drive: (

So I decided to keep my motherboard and PSU.

My motherboard: ASRock p67 Extreme4 Gen 3 (

Aaaaand my 700W PSU: (

Absolutely TERRIBLE issues playing World of Warcraft and WildStar. 25man raids? Forget it, I'm getting 20 fps on ultra during bosses. Wild Star? Forget it. I get 20 fps during world bosses.

Yes, drivers are ALL updated. I keep asking around for help, and I'm never getting any answers. I keep getting asked the same exact questions.

I need to know what's going on. I've spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on this system. Why am I getting low fps when I have hardware like this?

I decided to put in my old GPU. It is NOT THE GPU. SAME PROBLEMS PERSIST. I just bought a PSU from newegg and going to test it out to see if the PSU is the issue. It has to be the PSU or motherboard, correct? What else could it be?

And this is NOT a minor issue. SEVERE fps drops from a high end system, it's not acceptable for me to "lower settings" in this situation. Sorry for being rant-ish, but I expect to be after spending so much money.

TL;DR: Upgraded almost my entire system, excluding motherboard and PSU, yet low fps in raids in games. Not GPU, used another to test. Doesn't even feel like a new computer anymore, programs are a little slow booting up too. (not too slow but DEFINITELY question marks after buying new parts).
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  1. Check if your cpu is running at its max frequency while you're playing.
  2. CPU-z can work. Run a game or something and have it in the background, see if it the cpu frequency stays the same or not.
  3. had world of warcraft up, and it seems to be doubling every 2-3 secs and then back down to the lower frequency

    this is the new pic with wow up, goes up every 2-3 secs then goes back down:

    this is the old pic without wow up, stays like this:
  4. better tool for cpu clocks: cpuid's TMonitor

    also check the card as well, even GPU-Z should do it

    I assume you're running a fresh windows installation so viruses/malware shouldn't be a problem?
  5. bump before work, need this fixed
  6. another bump..
  7. reinstall windows?

    and btw, bumping will get this thread locked if the mods see it
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