Will this gaming PC be good for mid-range gaming?

I'm planning to buy a PC for playing games like War Thunder and Civilization V (Awesome game on a side note, got the game free from GMG and then all the DLC I got in a giveaway XD) at medium settings. Please no suggestions (I don't live in the US, and I can't order stuff online), just yes, no, or this-specific-part-is-crap answers. The PC I'm thinking of has:

Processor: Intel® CoreTM i5-4670 3.4GHz Haswell

CPU fan: Arctic Cooling Freezer 13

Motherboard: GA-H87M-HD3 chipset H87I-E, VGA, DVI, HDMI

RAM: Kingston 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz

Graphics card: Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX650 2G-5

Hard drive: Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA3 7200RPM 64MB

Optical drive: LG SATA DVD X24

On-board 5.1 channel audio

On-board 10/100/1000

Power supply: Seasonic 520W S12II-520 Bronze +80

Case: CoolerMaster Force 500

So I intend to use it for stuff like War Thunder at medium settings, and am expecting at least 35+, 40+ FPS. Will this PC be good for it?
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  1. You don't need the cpu cooler right now. You should put that money toward a better gpu. It might be enough to get you a r9 270, or if not maybe at least an r9 260x/GTX750Ti, depending on which one you want. The 260x > GTX 750Ti in performance.

    These gpus are all better than the gtx 650.
  2. I know they're better, but I can only afford "good enough". So is it good enough?
  3. You should spend more on the GPU.

    You're getting a cpu that can't really be overclocked. The aftermarket cooler would only give you better temperatures. The stock cooler would do fine for the cpu. The money you save from the cooler can be put to getting the better gpu, if it doesn't really matter in the end, you could still just pocket the money.

    To answer your question: I think it's unbalanced where not enough is spent on the GPU. But it will run games on at least medium settings 30fps I would imagine.
  4. I would suggest only to change the gpu to GTX750Ti 1G. It is 60% better referred to game-debate.com. It should get at 130$, nearly at same price, as you have said.
  5. For the cpu could you also opt for the i5 4440 with that motherboard or the i5 4460 with a H97/Z97 motherboard.These should also be cheaper and won't bottleneck at all.

    The psu is a good one but most of the times is a xfx 550watt less expensive and cheaper.Maybe the Cooler Master GM G550M if you can get it or the antec Neo Eco 520.
    In reality does a pc with these components need no more than a 450watt psu.The cooler master comes in that version.Your choice also comes in a 430watt version which will do fine with these components,even with a r9 270X for instance.

    Case is "meh" ,but that's up to you.
  6. It comes as a package and I can't change the GPU, so will it be good enough? It's really at the very end limit of my budget.
  7. stanleythedog said:
    just yes, no, or this-specific-part-is-crap answers.

    Imo is the gpu crap compared to the rest of the system,you should be able to upgrade that though when having the funds for it.
    I looked at game debate and according to them should you be able to play that game on medium settings,
    is at 1280x1024!
    I don't play the game so can only look at it this way.
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