ASUS GPU UEFI 700 series question?

Inquiry, do all the GTX 700 series ASUS GPUs have native UEFI support and bios? Because from what I know the 760 has it but for me its around $300+ whilst the ASUS GTX 750Ti is around $199ish, and I plan to use UEFI mostly on a Z97 sabertooth mark 2.

Also how specifically does the UEFI system work? Can I still use a legacy bios using a GTX 660 (Its what I have at the moment) and still use full UEFI or is there something special I need to use first (such as flashing the bios on a UEFI-using Asus mobo?)
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  1. UEFI is a motherboard bios support software - to overclock the cpu and monitor temps, voltages etc.

    The gpu's can use multiple with Afterburner being the most popular - for overclocking and monitoring graphics cards.
  2. From what I understand however, stuff like HW Fast Boot requires a card with a UEFI GOP. So do all of the GTX 700 series cards or is it only the 760 onwards? And is the HW Fast Boot really that big of a deal?
  3. Stop mixing up GPU with motherboard.

    Fast Boot can help if you don't have a SSD boot drive. It is a motherboard function.
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