Will I Need to Update BIOS???

My new build is complete. M5A99FX with an AMD 8350, 8 MB of G. Skills Ripjaws and an EVGA GTX 760. I will be running windows 8.1.

Will I need to flash my BIOS? If I can avoid needing to update or mess around with my BIOS, I would prefer to just leave it as is. I purchased the MOBO about two months ago via Amazon, so its hopefully not that old.
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    Don't upgrade mobo's BIOS unless you are facing some problem with the system whose solution is in BIOS update. There won't be any incompatibility issue or some component requiring BIOS update.
  2. If the board is M5A99FX PRO r2.0, no need to update the BIOS for AMD 8350
  3. Awesome. Thanks guys.
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