Which RAM do I get? too many choices

Hey guys I'm looking to buy 8gb of ram for my new gaming pc and I was looking at

But I realised it may not suit my processor: Intel i5 4670

From the $105 ones, which ram is the best?
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  1. Also at the top right there is a tab so you can group them by prices
  2. If you mean, that your CPU cooler didn't have enough clearence between it and motherboard, to put in RAM.
    Then you need to get Low Profile ones, othewise the one you posted would work with your CPU without a problem.

    If you need Low Profile ones, for better (though not noticable) performance:
    , then those

    When looking for RAM, you look which model is it, you want DDR3, MHZ is for speed of the ram, CL9 (or 9-9-11 or any other configuration of numbers, like CL11 / 11-11-10-9 etc.) is for latency of RAM, then for example 1.5v or 1.6 is for voltage at which this RAM function.
    For your CPU you want 1.5v, 1.6, 1.65 volted ones, the best and most stable being 1.5v.
    The higher MHZ the faster RAM is, you want to check with your motherboard if it supports the speeds.
    The lower CL, the faster RAM is, and the lower voltage (best 1.5v), the more stable your RAM is.
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    mltnl said:

    The Second one you posted have higher speeds (1600MHZ over 1333MHZ) over the first ones.
    Therefore it's better, cause it's faster, since otherwise they are same in latency and voltage.
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