Best Graphics card for M5A97 R2.0 mobo..

I want to build a high-end gaming pc with AMD FX 8350 processor and AMD M5A97 R2.0 mobo with any 500w SMPS..
now which is the best graphics card for this mobo..?
my budget is maximum 15000 indi rupe...
please help me....
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    15 000 inr is around 180 euros (or preety close to that).
    If i remember prices correctly from the litle machines ive built in rupees, you can probably get a 650ti boost, or a 660ti if your lucky.

    I have a 650 ti with same CPU and Mobo, runs great!
  2. This would probably be the best GPU in that price range:

    I would personally get the FX-6300 or the FX-8320 and a stronger GPU; It would offer a much better gaming experience.
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