Will these parts work together?

Hi guys, im thinking of buying a (mostly) new PC but wanted to check that all the parts will actually work together as I would hate to spend this money only for some parts to fit/work properly;
Case; Bitfenix Prodigy M
MoBo; Asus Vangaurd B85
CPU; Intel i5 4440
CX600M Corsair
and then the standard one hard drive and disk drive
Thanks in advance, YMY
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  1. Should do, next time look at pcpartpicker, they pretty much tell you if parts are compatible

    for your build: (note: I chose the TWIN FROZR 760 on there because I wasn't sure what yours was, read the small warnings too)
  2. Hi thanks for the answer, it was more then helpful. For some reason i cannot pick as solution no matter what i try, it just reloads the safe but i will keep trying and again, thanks for the answer, YMY
  3. It says that my solution has been chosen as the correct one :) enjoy your new PC :)
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