Need NAS/network media storage solution with backup redundancy

We're in an office using Windows, Macs, and Linux, and we want something to attach to the router as a media/code/documents file server (with folder group permissions) but I am unsure as to what would be the best recommendation.

We are currently using Linux FreeNAS on an old computer (we don't have admin access from the previous team) but we need to replace it as it is old and stodgy. We only need maybe a 1TB drive on maybe a dual-core or i3-i5 (it's mostly going to be used for transferring files including videos so I'm not sure what would be a good processor/RAM) but we don't want to get too expensive, like maybe the $200-$1000 range. If worse comes to worst we will just use another computer laying around and install FreeNAS on a hard drive laying around or just plug in a USB drive to some computer.

We also need to be able to have a redundant backup in case the hard drive fails.

I've looked at's recommended hardware but they look like too much for our needs, and Apple's solutions may be too much and too expensive. Maybe we are just looking for a cheap computer with a hard drive, or maybe we just need to plug in an external USB hard drive to an existing computer or buy a NAS box; I'm not quite sure what to do. Thanks.
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    Depending on how much redundancy you need I am currently using Synology ds412+ as well as a ds213. They are very easy to setup with a nice intuitive interface. Very small profile and will easily max out a 1gb connection. I also have a Netgear Readynas 104 which while a lot lighter on the wallet is a fair bit slower on the file transfer speed and not quite as easy to use (in my opinion). The thing I like about synology is that its very easy to use external usb backup drives as an extra precaution against data loss. That and the ease of use.
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