DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Errpr Code In Windows 8.1

I get the above error code in Windows 8.1 (x64). This has only happened recently, after the uninstallation of AVG free 2014 and the installation of a torrent file. I am suspicious of the file, which I will delete, but the zipped .dmp files will be attached for further investigation. Thanks.
Here's the link to the files:
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    There is a guide online for fixing it, sometimes errors like that can actually come from something like a rootkit that was badly programmed. Try doing as the video says if that doesn't work run download tdskiller, install it, and then update it. It is also possible that you have something deep within your systems mbr. I would install malwarebytes free edition, as well as microsoft security essentials.
    If all that comes back clean run the bitdefender iso
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