No internet in the entire office except one computer

Hi all,

We have a small network in my office, with one server that has dual network inputs. No one's computers are able to access the internet, but the server computer has no problem. I have tried to isolate any issue, and the only variable I can think of is that the server has two inputs (both coming from the same switch. When I try either of these directly into another computer, I get nothing...I can't wrap my head around this one. Any ideas?

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    Love the user name. :lol:

    Not being there right off the bat I'd guess that it's most likely a problem with your router if your servers aren't hooked into it. Try resetting your router and your modem and see what happens.
  2. If the server is configured as a proxy server (it controls the network traffic to the internet), the service may be down - a restart of the server may bring it back up. There also may be a network configuration (i.e. DNS configuration) that is keeping the other machines from seeing the internet.
  3. What are the two networks that the server connects to and what is the network that the other machines connect to? What network is your internet connection on and what equipment does the traffic have to go through to reach an outside network from your non-functional machines vs the functional one?

    You leave almost everything important about the situation out of the post.
  4. Thank guys. It's not a proxy sever, I've tried resetting the router, switch, firewall, and server. I've also tried changing cords, bypassing routers etc.

    Everything is connected to a single router and firewall. From there, the server is connected to netgear 5 port switch and the rest of the office is connected through a 16 port switch. Both connections to the router go through the same 5 port switch. I have tried connecting computers to the same switch the server is on and I get nothing. Hope this makes sense.

    This is a set-up we've had for a few years, and this is the first time it has happened.
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