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Hi all
I have some problems with my laptop. My original charger broke and i bougt new one but my old was 65 W and this is 90 W. Is this problem so i can change it tommorw if it is
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    As long as it supplies the correct voltage in the correct polarity, then over-capacity is not a problem. Your laptop will only draw up to the required wattage.
  2. Hi

    Is this psu the same brand as the laptop?
    There are many cheap fake chargers, some of which are unsafe

    There are are also many good ones with a choice of plugs and voltages
    A few laptops like some Dells can detect if the psu is correct, and may give a warning.

    As said previously if your psu was 60Watts a good quality 90Watt one is ok and may run cooler

    Mike Barnes
  3. And i my mouse is freeze for half second every 10-15 seconds what could that be
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