Help installing OS after install of new HD

The hard drive crashed on my old Dell Latitude D600 and I installed a new one. I burned a copy of Windows XP (an ISO file) onto a CD, but when I start up now it says:

Starting Caldera DR-DOS

and ends with ...

No NTFS volumes found, exiting ...
[DR-DOS] A:\>

Can anyone tell me ... in layman's terms please :) .. where I go from here?
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    To burn a ISO to a cd or DVD you need a recent operating system
    Can't remember if vista does this but win 7 does
    ahead Nero can burn ISO to cd
    Imgburn is easy to use v2.5.7 (be aware v2.5.8 installer puts adware on your PC)

    Did you try to create a bootable cd with ISO visible as a file on cd
    With a caldera dr-dos boot sector

    Real Microsoft windows does not use caldera dr-dos files

    Mike Barnes
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