Best place to buy a pre build budget pc?

Ive been looking around and most of the places ive looked start at about a thousand bucks like origin pc.. Ive looked at cyberpower and made a nice 800 computer but i didnt buy it because i hear they have really bad customer support. would a place like alien ware have good customer support? any help would be amazing :)
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  1. Build one unless you're high like snoop dogg
  2. naw, i aint not no snoopy but me pa wouldnt let meh build juan. he doesnt trust me. the question still stands
  3. k ill check it out
  4. ge7atme said:
    k ill check it out

    Get a 7950 of ebay and add it to your NCIX PC cause they are cheap like $130!
  5. still, there lowest computer starts at 700
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    ge7atme said:
    still, there lowest computer starts at 700

    No pick your parts and then chose make it for me at checkout for $50. So you can basically make it yourself and just pay them to put it together. Their prechosen ones are sponsored by Snoop Dogg.
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