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Hello, this is my first time posting here so I apologize if Im in the wrong thread or something of the sort but I would like some help comparing computers and I was wondering if I could upload two seperate DxDiag files and somebody would tell me which one is generally better. It will be used mainly for PC gaming and upgrades are possible in the future as soon as I get a job. (Not quite sure how to add attachments though, sadly.)
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  1. No reason to post DX Diag info here - we can't really do anything with it. But if you want advice on system building or picking out a PC, if you fill this out we can better assist you:
  2. Well that thread to me is sort of problematic because Im not building computers, I have both of them. I just cant necessarily playtest them both. I did manage to find one of them online. The other was ordered already built from some website so I cant really search it up.
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    install HWinfo on them and post what that says
  4. Thank you you guys I pretty much solved it. The only problem is now I have another question. o.e
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