Can My System Max out this games ?

My System :

Core i5 4440 3.3 GHZ ( turbo )
GTX 760 Windforce 2GB
1 TB Segate SSHDD
1600 x 900

My question is ... can i max out ( Battlefield Hardline , AC Unity , Far Cry 4 , The Division , Witcher III ) if i can't can i play them on high with AA ? ( I DON'T NEED MORE THAN 35 fps ) !
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    You do realize that these games were literally just announced. I'm almost certain that no system requirements were even released yet either.

    But an educated guess is yeah, you should be able to max out those games (Ultra, +max AA). You might not get the FPS you want, though. And for a better gameplay experience, playing with 60 FPS on Ultra/High is much more enjoyable than maxed with ~30 FPS.
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