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Hey guys, in the next couple of weeks I will be purchasing a i7 4770k and will probably over clock it. Can someone explain to me how to safetly do it and what are the dangers of it? And yes i will be purchasing a CPU water cooler by corsair
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  1. Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility works great for OCing if you're new to it. It makes everything as simple as possible and also has monitoring tools to keep an eye on temperature and core fluctuations.
    You simply increase the core multiplier to desired frequencies. Increase voltage modestly to improve stability.

    Overclocking and over-volting will reduce the longevity of your processor if you go too far. The i7-4770k can sit comfortably at around 4.3 - 4.5 ghz with a small increase in voltage.
  2. Have a read of this, it's a fairly comprehensive guide on overclocking Haswell.


    Voltage: Important: READ THE SECTION ABOUT VOLTAGE!!

    If you give it too much, you will degrade the chip, or burn it out.
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    How to Overclock your Intel Core i7 4770K Haswell CPU Gaming PC
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