Windows 7 or 8

Should I get Windows 7 or 8?
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  1. Which do you prefer? Performance is very, very similar.

    I prefer Win 8.1 myself.
  2. Why do you prefer Windows 8.1?
    I have no idea what features you have with 8.1 compared to 7.
    Like is Win 8.1 better in fps, does it have bugs, does it score better?
  3. In 8.1, the look is very similar to Win 7. It lacks the default Start menu, but I do not miss it one bit. And that seems to be one of the main complaints about Win 8/8.1.

    Boot directly into Desktop mode. All my most used shortcuts pinned to the autohide taskbar.
    Task Manager is much better. As well as a few other behind the scenes functions.

    Some games are reportedly a few FPS better with Win 8/8.1. And some better in Win 7. But the actual performance difference is very small.

    8/8.1 is the way forward though. DirectX, etc, etc.
    Until we see Win 9 or 10.
  4. W7 for my desktop, most of my work is virtualize and remote and some Steam game. W8.1 on my laptop, I used it for light support. I do like 8.1 but it's much better if my laptop can do touchscreen, install ClassicShell and you can get that W7 classic experience.
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    yea to be honest i prefer windows 8.1 myself, i cant go back to windows 7 now, ever. Couple of reasons being windows 8/8.1 boot times are so amazingly fast (capable computers boot under 30 seconds), it eliminates the need for maybe even an annoying feature in windows 7, it updates everytime you boot up, in windows 8/8.1 it updates on shutdown (much more convenient as you can just leave your pc and it'll shut down) 8/8.1 is newer so getting windows 7 may not be a good idea in terms of keeping updated. Windows 8 does reportedly has better performance and honestly, even though some people might rage at this, i find the new windows interface alot better than that 'industrial looking' windows 7...alot more user friendly
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