Whats the best Cpu for a budget gamer

Am building a new rig and i need a good bang for buck cpu
I will be playing Battlefield 4 and watching HD films with VERY little editing
I3 4330
Fx 6300
Fx 4350
also the AMD A range has got my attention are these decent CPU'S?
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    You will do better with the FX 6300. Six core vs a Dual core with HT ( i3) or a Quad Core (4350)

    And i'm not a fan of the AMD APU's (The A4-A10 stuff) But thats just me.
  2. Yes, the FX-6300 and i3-4330 are the better choices in that selection. Hyper Threading and faster IPC (Intel) vs 3 pairs of dual core modules (AMD). Some games will perform better with the 6300, some with the i3.
    The APUs are fine for their intended purpose, but not for someone who will be building a gamer with a discrete gfx card and gaming at 1080p.
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