Bios settings won't save?!

I have reset the cmos and I have changed the battery as well. I have also flashed my bios to the latest version and loaded the optimized defaults. I looked on another thread and they said that if you have no jumper, it may be causing this problem. I looked on my motherboard and it doesn't have a jumper, could this be why my settings are not saving? I looked in my motherboards box and I can't find any either. Should I buy them on Amazon? Thank you. My motherboard is an Asus M5A97 R2.0.
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  1. jumpers are pretty much a thing of the past for bios resets. they have been replaced with bios reset buttons.

    as for not saving that would normally point to a bad bios flash. so check the splash screen to make sure your running on the updated bios and not the backup bios on a dual bios enabled system.

    you can try and save the current settings while in bios. normally F11 or F12 then save and quit, hopefully you will then go to the splash screens and see dmi update successful.
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    Update: I grabbed a jumper from the back of a an old optical drive and stuck it on pins 1&2. Now the bios saves all of my settings and the date and time work. Thank you for response though, I will definitely keep that in mind when I work on other computers with newer motherboards. :)
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