Is it worth it to upgrade my intel i5 2320 to a newer i5 4670k or i7 4790

I use my computer for gaming mostly at 1080p, I have an i5 230 with 8 gigs of ram and a Asus GTX 660 ti and 2 hard drives 1 for gaming and a ssd for the OS, is it worth it to upgrade to a newer cpu and motherboard?

I was thinking of updating to a Asus Maximus VII Ranger and an Intel i7 4790 or maybe an i5 4670k.

What do you think?
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    Outside of benchmarking scenarios you wouldn't notice a significant difference from the i5-2320 to the 4670k. The same goes for the i7-4790. Unless you're running applications for video or photo editing or are chasing high benchmark scores it's not worth it to swap out your CPU + motherboard.

    You'd notice a greater improvement in games if you upgraded your GPU to a GTX 770 or 780.

    In terms of CPU's, I'd sit this generation out if I were you.
  2. The i5-2320 still performs pretty well, and shouldn't be bottlenecking a 660 TI. It should last until Broadwell if necessary, which would ensure a more significant increase in power.
  3. Thanks guys, I feel the itch to upgrade but I guess its not worth the money at the moment, thanks for your time!
  4. I know what you mean. I have an urge to upgrade something at least once a week.
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