Eyefinity Problems: R9-290x

I installed and have been using my 290x for about 2 weeks now. I have x3 LG IPS235 panels and I've been playing games like Crysis 3 and Skyrim in eyefinity. Today my right display keeps acting like it's been disconnected (tried using different DVI/HDMI cables and ports to no avail). I've read in the eyefinity sticky that I should be using the display port, but I haven't and it "was" running fine. Even now it keeps switching between a Cloned, eyefinity (2 and 3-way), and extended desktop.

I am completely at a loss for what is happening and I don't have a display port adapter to convert to dvi.

Intel i7-3770k
Sabertooth Z77
Gigabyte R9-290x
8GB Patriot Viper 2000MHz
Displays connected: x1 HDMI, x2 DVI-D
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  1. DVI port seems to have gone bad.
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