5400RPM vs 7200RPM HDD for OS Drive

If you were to use a 5400RPM or 7200RPM HDD for your bootup/primary drive with the OS on it, would it make a big difference in start up? I currently run games from a Samsung 5400RPM HDD and they load up pretty quick (MUCH quicker than my 360 haha) However I don't know how this would be with the OS.


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  1. get a WD Black
  2. I don't need recommendations, I just need to know the difference between the 2 for the OS and primary drive. I'm currently am using a 500GB 7200RPM Drive and I have no complaints really for the start up, It is what it is, it's not painfully slow but it's not SSD like quick.

    I'll be leaving this 500GB Drive in here but taking out my 2TB 5400RPM Samsung HDD and that's why I'm asking, I'm thinking of using that as the primary drive.
  3. Anyone?
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    The higher the RPM, the quicker the drive is able to access and load files. Use the 7200RPM drive as the system drive and use the 5400RPM hard drive for games and all your other stuff (e.g. files).
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