No one can answer my question! My touchpad won't work I can't use a mouse and I've tried all the Fn functions plus made sure t

No one has been able to help me yet, so I'm throwing down the gauntlet to all the techies out in space to help me with a critical problem. My touchpad on my Acer Aspire 5517 suddenly stopped working. I have checked to make sure the light is lit on the button that shows the touchpad and it is on. I have done the Fn-F7 function and again nothing. I would love to use a mouse except I can't because someone got angry with me and destroyed my USB ports. I'am desperate for this to be fixed so that I can work. I hope someone has an answer for me. Thank you so much.
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  1. take it to an accredited acer repair depot.if someone destroyed all your usb ports,and i find this a little incredible,what else did they do.this isnt something as simple as tapping a key,but rather a physical problem that will have to be troubleshooted and repaired by a competant repair tech.
  2. First off thanks a million to the person who was kind enough to answer me. It's unfortunately true that a demented programmer destroyed all my USB ports because he was ticked off! But the problem I had with the touch pad has been resolved. There's a tiny button that's left of the power button that was lit, I guess it's not supposed to be so I turned it off and now my touchpad works! But there is no getting around the fact that I need a new laptop. Who's got some recommendations for me? Has to be moderately priced and fast!! I'm very into photos too. Thanks everyone!
  3. good you at least got the touchpad destroyed your usb ports,do you mean actual physical damage?
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