Universal Remote code for Hills HD94003?

One for All remote URC 7130-R01 & Hills set top box HD94003(C/G?) alledgedly 1232
by manual input, but mine doesn't work on this, altho' my TV is controlled well. My previous [and more expensive] Harmony 200 [darned dog!] worked fine. I saw another code online for the Hills, but now can't find it. [curse biased Google! Never twice the same-bloody hard re-finding things a week later]. I'm reasonably confident the box is ok, but why it's not accepting the signal........
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  1. I have the user manual - it's information is invalid as my device post dates it, and is only avail in Oz. I have advised AIO that it doesn't work. They have offered a free s/w upgrade and pre-programming with return postage if I send it to them. Please read the post. I'm trying to speed up the 4-8 day delay getting it all done.
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    How are we supposed to have that info. The manufacturer made you a deal, and instead of taking the deal, you want someone else to come up with a code that even the manufacturer says doesn't exist - it needs a firmware update. You remote most pre-dates the device, and they updated the firmware to include the codes for the device. You have 3 options.

    1. replace the device.
    2. replace the remote.
    3. get the firmware update.
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