Big driver problem (Ati CCC, stuck in 4 bit 640x480 etc..) HELP !

Hello guys,I got a laptop, a Gateway LT31 To be more specific. I was using him with no problem, relax and one day I closed it, putting it on standby. When I re-opened it, Surprise : I'm on 640x480 display and 4-bits color. I was like, easy, it hapened to me on my other computer, just need to restart, so I did but the problem was still there. I tried everything. I uninstalled drivers and re-installed them, and the problem (I think) is Ati Catalyst Control Center. Whenever I log in, a bubble pop up and says ''ati catalyst control center is not supported by the driver version''. I tried to uninstall all Ati programs, but still. I ran Safe Mode and then deactivated the video card. When I came back in normal mode, it was all okay ! But with no graphic card, I can't play games ! I tried to install from my manufacturer site, but still the same problem. How do I do ? Please, help !!! Thanks in advance ;). ( My graphic card is Ati Radeon x1270 )
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  1. Is the laptop still in warranty? If so, take it to a repair shop.

    So I gather your now running on the integrated graphics OK?

    I think your graphics card is faulty. Did you have the latest copy of CCC installed? Was your installed card drivers up to date?

    What OS are you running?
  2. No, the laptop is no more in warranty. I did not try the latest copy of CCC, just the one I found in the graphic card driver. I was in something like 8.953.000000 version of my driver when everything was correect. Im' running on Windows XP SP3 Familial Edition. Thanks for trying to help ;)
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    Try the latest CCC and using a newer Windows. XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.
  4. Thanks, it worked. I just moved to Vista, and everything is fine :P. Thank you again for giving your time :)
  5. No worries. Happy gaming!
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