Gaming pc? Good or bad?

I bought a pre build pc some months ago. It is an asus with:
Amd a10 6700
8gb ram
And i recently installed a:
Evga gtx 750 ti
Evga 600b
The question is.. It is a good gaming pc? What would you change if not? (Don't mention billionaire cpu and gpu).
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  1. The GPU is very good, I have used it in the past. But I have upgraded to a 770. The PSU is overkill too though but it's fine if you want to upgrade in the future, good upgrade my friend!!
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    The 750ti is a nice card because it's very low wattage even at peak.

    As for gaming, the 750ti is close to a gtx660:

    (average fps)

    BF4 around 50FPS on high settings 1900x1080

    Arma 3 53 FPS on 1900x1080,3750-7.html

    Watchdogs 34 fps on ultra 1900x1080,3833-6.html

    But, because you are limited by your CPU, you may experience 10-15fps less than the average amount. Lowering the settings or resolution can remedy this though.

    As a side note, the 750ti can be used in many prebuilt computers or old computers because of the low watt requirement even if the PSU are bad.(it varies, but in general)
    So make sure to give it some use elsewhere when you get a new GPU. :)
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