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I'm looking at a new computer with what they call a sshd, but really there is a ssd drive on one part of the computer and on the opposite side of the computer there is a regular hard drive. I was wondering how long it would take for the computer to realize what goes on the ssd portion of the drive (or if I just don't get this concept at all). Any help appreciated, thanks in advanced! :-)
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  1. SSHDs are an all-in-one product -

    For a pc, a ssd and hdd are best. sshd's are 2.5in and only 5400rpm c/w seagate barracuda 7200rpm.
  2. Thanks, so how does a computer with a separate ssd and hard drive try to figure out what goes on the ssd.
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    It doesn't. It uses the ram (SSD part) to cache parts of the OS and other programs that are most frequently used. Don't think of it as two drives, but as one drive, and that is exactly how the OS sees it, as one drive.
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