i7 4790(refresh) VS i7 4770k

Hi, I'm having a hard time choosing between these two.

With a 212 Hyper Evo cooler should i get I7 4770k and overclock it or should i stick to 4790?
Could some one knowledgeable please say how much could xxxxK be overclocked on such conditions and how much will the power consumption differ?
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  1. The 4770k will be far better since it's overclock able. It's only 100mhz slower at stock than the 4790
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    At stock, the power consumption would be roughly the same. If you do plan on overclocking, the 4770k would be much better like Clark said.

    If you're not overclocking, the 4790 would be better.

    With your overclocking question, having a 212 evo and an overclockable cpu doesn't really mean it'll overclock well. It still depends on your motherboard's capabilities.
  3. I agree OP should wait and get the 4790k since at stock it goes to 4.4 and we will see how much higher it will go
  4. Any ideas how soon will the 4790k be out?
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