Which msi z97 motherboard should i choose for i7 4770k?

Which one would better for i7 4770k msi z97 gaming 7 or msi z97 gaming 9 ac. I will be using thermaltake water 3.0 extrem on cpu. Is ther any differents between these motherboards? Please i need some help over here.
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  1. I am pretty sure the only real difference is how much you want to pay for the motherboard
  2. So msi z97 gaming 7 would be fine for i7 4770k ?
  3. certainly, you should have no problems with the board, overclocking or not
  4. Haha

    If your budget is wealthy. You can buy msi z97 gaming 9 ac.

    Both fine for i7-4770k
  5. I don't have money problem. So msi z97 gaming 9 ac would be better build?
  6. Best answer
    you will get probably a few little features which you would have missed out on in the gaming 7, but nothing too major as they will both do an excellent job
  7. Thanks man.
  8. No worries
  9. Hai ! This is my gaming rig now. What do you think?

    CPU: i7 4770k
    Motherboard: msi z97 gaming 9 ac
    RAM: 2133mhz 16gb
    HDD: WD 3tb
    Cooler: thermaltake water 3.0 extrem
    Case: thermaltake mk-i chesser
    PSU: thermaltake TPG 750W
    GPU: gigabyte winforce r9 290x
  10. Not bad, but I would add a SSD to use as the boot disk, either 120 or 250GB in size (I suggest the samsung 840 EVO), also I would suggest going the MSI twin frozer r9 290 as it runs cooler and quieter than the windforce card for similar money.
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