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This is my first time building a computer. I want to have a GTX780Ti and intel core i7 4770k, because i am using it for gaming. But I don't know anything about motherboards and other hardware, so could anybody please recommend the other hardware i need? As the CPU and GPU are super expensive, i would like to keep the other components cheaper. Thanks in advance. Also I think i would need 12GB ram for this gPU, am i correct?
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  1. whats your budget on this build? 8gbs would be enough for gaming
  2. i would like to keep the budget down as long as i have the 4770k and gtx 780Ti.
    and I saw in game-debate that 12GB ram will be optimal for the 780Ti. Thanks for replying
  3. No you do not require 12 gbs of RAM for this GPU. I would suggest to keep costs lower is to use only 8 GBs of 1600 mhz RAM. I personally use Corsair Vengeance Pro, however Kingston Hyperx RAM is just fine if you want it a bit cheaper. Motherboard wise, I would get an ASUS ROG Maximus 7 Hero. Its not very cheap but if you have such a high end gpu, you don't want to bottleneck it with a bad mobo. Also I would get an XFX pro series 750w PSU. Case wise, really any case is fine as long as it is a full ATX case and it can hold your GPU. One last thing you want is a cooler. Something like an AIO or a Noctua NHD-15 cooler are just perfectly fine for your build. Good Luck!
  4. is the Z87-K fine for this?
    and also will i need some wireless adapter or lan adapter to connect to the internet?
    Will I need a DVD Drive?
  5. Yes the z87-k should be fine
  6. Thank you very much!
    Those would cost me almost HKD13000 which is USD1700
  7. Ahh so you live in Hong Kong. I would suggest going to places like Wanchai Computer Centre, Mongkok Computer Centre, and Golden Computer Centre in Shum Shui Po. They sell some them for cheap. However, make sure to double check online prices first because they'll rip you off big time.
  8. Below is my full build:
    Processor: Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell
    Graphics: Inno3D GTX 780 TI 3GB GDDR5
    Motherboard: ASUS Z87-K
    TAM: TEAM Elite TED38192M1333HC9 DDR3 1333MHz 8GB
    HDD: Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB SATA3 6Gb/s /32MB
    Case: GTR CA3029 BK/B ATX Tower Case
    Monitor: SAMSUNG 21.5 S22D300HY LED Monitor (16:9,10000000:1,2ms,VGA,HDMI)
    Wireless Adapter:?
    And also do i need anything else?

    I don't know anything about coolers and do i need both cpu and gpu coolers? And if yes, which cooler should i use? Thanks.
  9. is the iChill XXX okay?
    And ChrisLouie are you in Hong Kong too?
  10. Cooler: Cooler Master Seidon 240L
    Wireless Adapter: Use ethernet for best performance but Intel 7260HMWDTX1
    Monitor: Asus VE248H
  11. Best answer
    No I am not in Hong Kong but I do travel there very very often and often get parts as sometimes they are cheaper there than in america.
  12. Thank You very much!
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