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I am building a gaming pc for playing high end games like bt4 1080p ultra, I am thinking of using a amd 6300fx cpu, and 8 gigs of ram but i am undicided on whether to use a r9 270x gpu or 280x, I may also need more than one fan in my case i'm not sure.
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  1. if you have the money pick up the 280x. some are on combo sale on parts picker right now. if you have the money use a h97 mb and a locked intel cpu. the intel locked cpu are better gaming cpu then amd for the money.
    also most newer case now come with two fans. one in front pulling air in and rear fan blowing out. look at the r200/r300 cosair cases.
  2. If you have a look at Tom's forum guide for determining a build, it'll help you put together the info we'd need to help eg budget, country, use

    If you've got a build list eg PartPicker, post it and we'll review it.
  3. if i did by the 280x would it be worth buying the direct cu ii top version for 40$ more??
  4. that's the link to the build, but some of the things i'm using aren't there.
  5. You should change to fx 8350 and ASRock 990fx Extreme 3 to run a 280x

    For a 270x you need at least 24A on the 12V rail and 500W in total. Get a good power supply per -
  6. why the change of motherboard?
  7. Save money
  8. but what do you think about direct cu ii top for 40$ extra on the 280x
  9. Get Sapphire for Radeon is my rule.

    I love Asus for most nVidia. Got 2 x 670s in mine.
  10. No - its not certified.
  11. i need one for under $100
  12. Try a XFX 550, Seasonic 520 or Antec HCG 520M

    this is my final build have i got it right?
  14. Looks good
  15. so no changes?
  16. you see its all of my money so i want the best i can get
  17. I understand. I want you to have the best you can get for the money you've got.
  18. ok well ill go and buy it THANKS heaps
  19. oh wait one more thing do i need more cooling
  20. Best answer
    Only if you want to overclock the fx6300. Then get a coolermaster hyper 212 evo.
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